October Three

October Three

Walkabout and Digital Nomad Reset

I am getting settled in Jacksonville and taking care of several critters. I need to publish daily as I work on the first book.

I have been caring for a blind dog, several cats, a fish pond full of carp, and six ducks, and feeding the raccoons. And one goldfish on the counter.

This is good training for TrustedHousesitters. Yesterday, I went downtown for a bus pass – free to seniors in Jacksonville, a new library card, and a temporary debit card. Mine was compromised.

I am still trying to make the best use of my time or eat only the best foods. This begins today.

The Main Public Library in Jacksonville is impressive—dozens of computers and gig-speed internet. Nice people. It’s a short bus ride on 8B.

When I feel old and tired, I am reminded of the Stoics:

While these men were acutely conscious of the fleeting nature of time, they also recognized the life that still pulsed within them. In his last years, Seneca penned some of his most poignant letters. Marcus Aurelius, in the same vein, masterfully concluded his Meditations.

Despite the looming shadow of mortality, both individuals dedicated themselves to their roles, serving their nation, cherishing their families, and enriching their lives.

I have not always led a stellar life, but it does not dictate my future.


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