Lurching Toward Reentry

Lurching Toward Reentry

I have mentally checked out of Ambs and Tampa. The next phase of my life will be going minimalist and walkabout, with a bare minimum of computers and clothes.

I spent another day in the hospital with GI problems. This looks like a permanent problem instead of a temporary situation.

I must eliminate excess items for two months and create an online income. Also, I need to take advantage of my health insurance and get any necessary surgeries.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, all I need to learn can be found free on Google and YouTube. I don’t need a $1500 course.

I watched a Prime Video on the G League where NBA wanna bes work like dogs to make it.


I must work at everything to build a killer blog/content site. Authority. Ebooks. Email lists.

The road takes work.


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