Lab Results

Lab Results

My lab tests are back, and the numbers are mostly excellent, except for A1C, up to 6.3. I thought it would be worse due to my ten or so massive carb days.

I have to accept that I am a carb addict. I have been my whole life. I don’t know if I can conquer this addiction, although I did it with alcohol 29 years ago.

The physical side is not hard. The mental side of carb addiction is the challenge.

What assets do I have that are uniquely mine? I believe I can own AI companion robots for seniors. Not available companion robots. Not nursing care robots. I want the robots directed at your mental health.

We are drowning in opportunity. I have to decide what to cut out, not what to include.

I have to move quickly because I can be replaced.

What can I do to digitize my service? AI will disrupt all products and services.

It will be a massive, abundant world, but will seniors take advantage?

Intellectual property is useless. It can be co-opted and improved instantly. Who is going to build an alternative to ElliQ?

I have to fight carb addiction with all of my might. I may have to go to Carnivore to finish this, but I don’t want to. My drugs of choice are ice cream and Pop

“When the gas car was first introduced, it couldn’t compete with horses. After all, we’d had thousands of years to optimize our systems around horseback, and this new technology was still nascent. Roads were rare, gas stations were scarce, and cars were unreliable.

The same thing happened again when electric cars returned a hundred years later. At first, they had limited range, limited space, and low acceleration, and charging was a hassle.

When a new technology arrives, it is almost always at a systemic disadvantage. If we wait until the new thing is better than the old thing, we’re taking a big risk.” ~ Seth Godin

Could this be the same for AI companion robots?


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