Building A Seventy-Year-Old Man

Building A Seventy-Year-Old Man

In no particular order:

  1. eat a keto or carnivore diet
  2. walk every day
  3. stretching exercises at home
  4. balance exercises
  5. strength training at the gym
  6. building an online business
  7. articles for the five blogs
  8. ai companion robots
  9. mastering the features of Elliq
  10. ElliQ ebook
  11. keep the room and work environment perfect

As strange as it seems, I have to spend 66 days eating keto. If I don’t have my health, if I don’t have diabetes under control without drugs, I can’t take care of the other items.

The end date for these 66 days is September 16.

I will walk and write articles, but the one thing is to take control of my diet.

None of the rest matters if I don’t control my health and diet.

At my age, physical activity is more important than ever before. I need to start doing more walking and weight lifting.

My main exercise is walking to Publix and carrying my groceries home. This has been hindered by rainy weather in Tampa in July.

Each trip to Publix takes a minimum of 50 minutes. Only three weekly trips are enough to make the 150 minutes of exercise that are recommended.

I only carry about 4 pounds of food in a reusable grocery bag. If I need to carry more, I use two bags, which is good only on dry days.

I do get keto flu on occasion. I can get a bout of diarrhea after meals that are too large. For me, I need at least two meals a day.

I may have to reevaluate what I want my one thing to be. I feel I am over my carb addiction, but I will continue for the rest of the 66 days.

But I must build out the online business to become a financially independent old geezer. I don’t need to create LLCs or trusts until I actually have online income.

The base of the online business is content. I will need a base before I can monetize. I know what I need to do. Now I need to track activity.

Eating keto will go into the background unless I give into carbs.

I believe I need to have a daily post in to track my business building activities.

Articles need building for to form the basis for the ebook on ElliQ.

Sleep can be limited to six hours to give me the time to build the business.

Yesterday I had an awful call and a customer who ripped me a new one. It tells me how tenuous my situation can become.

The power and Internet went out for over an hour yesterday. Tampa has more power outages than any place I have lived.

I will make this daily post the one thing I must do to stay on track. If I need adjustment, I will make it here.


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