6 Day Test – 2

6 Day Test – 2

Just finished an early 8 hour shift at AMBs.

I’m tired.

I’m having trouble keeping my blood sugar under control. I want to go back to Glimepiride.


Financial Abuse of Elderly

  1. Forgery of checks or other financial documents
  2. Stealing money or valuables from the elderly person’s home
  3. Using undue influence to change the elderly person’s will or estate plan
  4. Misusing a trust or conservatorship
  5. Making unauthorized transfers of money or property
  6. Financially exploiting a vulnerable adult with dementia or other cognitive impairment
  7. Using scare tactics to pressure the elderly person into making a financial decision
  8. Overcharging for services, such as home repairs or home care
  9. Coercing the elderly person to sign a contract or agreement they do not understand
  10. Providing unnecessary or substandard financial advice for personal gain
  11. Misrepresenting the terms of a financial transaction or contract
  12. Creating fraudulent joint accounts with the elderly person
  13. Failing to provide promised financial services or investments
  14. Taking advantage of the elderly person’s addiction or substance abuse issues to gain control of their finances
  15. Charging excessive fees or commissions on financial transactions or investments
  16. Failing to disclose material information about a financial transaction or investment
  17. Misusing a durable power of attorney or guardianship authority
  18. Using threats or intimidation to gain control of the elderly person’s finances
  19. Refusing to provide access to financial documents or information
  20. Using deceptive tactics to sell unnecessary financial products, such as annuities or life insurance.
  21. Fraudulent phone calls or emails
  22. Unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts
  23. Coercion or manipulation
  24. Investment scams
  25. Telemarketing fraud
  26. Ponzi schemes
  27. Pyramid schemes
  28. Identity theft
  29. Lottery scams
  30. Charity scams
  31. Home improvement scams
  32. Sweepstakes scams
  33. Phishing scams
  34. Internet fraud
  35. Medicare fraud
  36. Reverse mortgage scams
  37. Power of attorney abuse
  38. Real estate fraud
  39. Insurance scams
  40. Deceptive door-to-door sales tactics.

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