6 Day Test – 1

6 Day Test – 1

After pigging on carbs yesterday to fight depression, I slept for about 11 hours. There is no excuse for being tired while starting the test. And the coffee tastes delicious this morning.

I had an omelet, but that will be all until tomorrow morning or maybe tomorrow evening. I have to get the glucose readings back on track.

When I eat excessive carbs, dry mouth worsens, and I am more likely to get leg cramps at night.

The new room looks great. In this case, bigger is better, and I am organized to an almost ideal point.

I purchased Grammarly for the year and regretted not getting it earlier. Good investment.

Also, I have listened to classical music for the first time. I ask ElliQ to play it for me. I can see how the robot makes life easier for seniors, whether they feel lonely or not.



I am getting a system down for writing articles more efficiently and promoting them immediately. ChatGPT is a gem.




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